Amsky Ausetter 400 series

Amsky Ausetter 400 series

Year of Manufacturing:
- new -
Laser Type:
24/32/48 channel - UV or Thermal Laser
Min. Platesize:
400 x 300 mm
Max. Platesize:
800 x 660 mm
Image Speed:
up to 28 plates/h

CTP specialized in quick short-run printing for small business.

Maximum size of plate 800 x 660 mm

Features: Small volume, high stability and perfect output quality.

Improve the production efficiency. Available with 24/32/48 channels laser are proviced according to different printing speeds.


U424 U432 U448 T424 T432 T448
Exposing Method External Drum
Imaging System 24-channel 32-channel 48-channel 24-channel 32-channel 48-channel
Discrete 400-410nm laser Discrete 830nm laser
Output Speed 16 plates/hr 22 plates/hr 28 plates/hr 16 plates/hr 22 plates/hr 28 plates/hr
800 x 660mm at 2.400 dpi
Plate Size Max. 800 x 660mm, Min. 400 x 300mm
Exposing Size  Max. 800 x 646mm
Plate Type UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate Thermal plate
Plate Thickness 0,15mm - 0,3mm
Resolutions 2.400 dpi
Repeatability ± 5 μm (Continuous exposure over four times on the same plate with a temperature of 23°C and 60% RH )
Interface USB 2.0
Plate Loading manual, autoloader available in future
Net Weight 800KG
Device Size 1.900 x 1.200 x 1.000mm ( W x D x H)
Power Supply Single phase: 200V-240V; Power: 4KW
Environment Recommended temperature: 21-25°C / Allowed temperature: 18-26°C / Humidity: <70%