Amsky Aurora 800 series

Amsky Aurora 800 series

Year of Manufacturing:
- new -
Laser Type:
32/48/64 channel - UV or Thermal Laser
Min. Platesize:
400 x 300 mm
Max. Platesize:
1130 x 920 mm
Image Speed:
up to 28 plates/h

CTP specialized in large commercial quick printing

Maximum size of plate 1130 x 920 mm

Features: Less manpower, high stability and perfect output quality.

UV plate and thermal plate are available for you to lower production cost.

Furthermore, to improve the produciton efficiency, 32 channels, 48 channels and 64 channels laser are provided according to differint printing speeds.

Working with autoloader, processor and stacker, AMSKY Aurora 800 series can achieve full-automatic printing.

Only one operator is needed to finish the whole output process.


U832 U848 U864 T832 T848 T864
Exposing Method External Drum
Imaging System 32-channel 48-channel 64-channel 32-channel 48-channel 64-channel
Discrete 400-410nm laser Discrete 830nm laser
Output Speed 16 plates/hr 22 plates/hr 28 plates/hr 16 plates/hr 22 plates/hr 28 plates/hr
1030 x 800mm at 2.400 dpi
Plate Size Max. 1030 x 920mm, Min. 510 x 400mm
Exposing Size  Max. 1130 x 904mm
Plate Type UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate Thermal plate
Plate Thickness 0,15mm - 0,3mm
Resolutions 2.400 dpi
Repeatability ± 5 μm (Continuous exposure over four times on the same plate with a temperature of 23°C and 60% RH )
Interface USB 2.0
Plate Loading Alternative autoloader system
Net Weight 1200KG
Device Size 2127 x 1405 x 1058mm ( W x D x H)
Power Supply Single phase: 200V-240V; Max Power (Peak value): 4KW
Environment Recommended temperature: 21-25°C / Allowed temperature: 18-26°C / Humidity: <70%