MBO Vertical stack deliveries SBA-P 46 ME

Art. no. 15223


Year of Manufacturing:2003

Additional Information

The mobile SBA-P vertical stack deliveries are a high-performance supplement to MBO folding machines.

The SBA-P 46 ME is designed for two-up  production. It is excellently suited for large print runs. The space-saving arrangement, where the sheets are standing on their back, allows a considerably larger holding capacity as compared to stream deliveries, thus ensuring that even unstable products may be easily processed on SBA-P deliveries.

  • Large holding capacity due to verticalm bottom arrangement
  • Printing sheets standing on their back, to handle even unstable products
  • Smoothly height-adjustable pile table for working ergonomically independent of the outfeed of the folding machine
  • Integrated pressing unit for better quality results
  • Marking device for shifting in package
  • max. Width 46 cm
  • Mobile
  • Built-in controller
  • Continuous stream delivery
  • Integrated pressing station
  • Spreading of multiple-up streams
  • Light barrier and counter
  • Marking and package shifting


Machine comes refurbished, tested and new painted.